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Skin Rejuvenation

Ocap Spa

Facial Express
30 min - $70
The perfect introduction to our facial treatments. A great solution to skin care needs when you're on the go. This treatment includes a gentle cleansing and a purifying masque application.

Keswick Facial
60 min - $110
This refreshing treatment includes exfoliation, steaming, light extraction and a masque application. Also added is a calming facial massage to help stabilize the skin's natural oil secretion.

Multi-Vitamin Facial
60 min - $125
Experience blends of vitamins and botanicals which penetrate the skin. A restorative cleansing, light extraction, multi-vitamin masque and moisture infusion are combined with a light facial massage.

Aromatic Facial
60 min - $110
A complement to our traditional exfoliation and cleansing techniques. A soothing preparation of pure essential oils are blended specifically for your skin’s needs, resulting in a fresh, healthy glow.

Light Touch Facial
60 min - $110
This treatment is designed for those individuals with sensitive skin. Let our estheticians evaluate your skin and create the perfect combination of skin care products that fit your needs. This treatment will include cleansing, light exfoliation, a masque application and light facial massage.

Gentleman's Facial
60 min - $110
Developed specifically for the masculine complexion - begins with a thorough cleansing followed by light exfoliation, a cleansing masque and a light facial massage to help refresh weathered skin.

The Age Smart Facial
60 min - $200 
This facial generally created the "baby boomer" is a fabulous combination of products introduced for age-related skin changes; this treatment addresses wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone and environmental wear and tear.  We include a daily product kit for home use to enhance the progression of the facial.

Acne Prone Facial
60 min - $145
Adult acne can be triggered by stress, hormonal fluctuations, daily pressures and even cosmetics.  This facial is aimed to deep clean, exfoliate, and renew acne prone skin in women and men.  With the full facial and daily maintenance you can see visible results and clearer skin in several weeks.