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Massage Therapies


Swedish Massage
30 min - $70; 60 min - $120; 90 min - $180
A traditional full body massage generalized for your needs. Massage relieves tension and stress for the physical and emotional release.

Deep Tissue Massage
30 min - $75; 60 min - $125; 90 min - $185
Based on a traditional full-body massage, with added pressure and focus on the needed areas.

The Ultimate Massage 
60 min - $220
Take the traditional massage and add another pair of hands. This four-handed massage is designed to give you ultimate relaxation results and stress relief.

Hot Stone Massage
90 min - $190
Hot stone therapy involves the use of heated basalt rocks placed at strategic points on the body or used for a gentle massage. This treatment promotes increased blood flow and energy balance.

30 min - $70; 60 min - $120
A specialized manipulation of pressure points on the foot. Reflexology stimulates nerve endings, balances internal organs, and promotes relaxation; this preventative holistic treatment is a remarkable experience.

Couples Massage
60 min - $240; 90 min - $360
Bring out your romantic side. Treat yourself and your partner to an hour of indulgence. Choice of Swedish massage or deep tissue massage performed by two different therapists in the same room as you lie side-by-side.

Enjoy the romantic setting to enhance the moment.

Pregnancy Massage
30 min - $70; 60 min - $120
During and after pregnancy women have special needs to address that can be accommodated through massage. Extra burden on the spine, ligaments and pelvis can be relieved with massage. Our certified therapist will take excellent care of you during this delicate time. Massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Hot Poultice Massage
60 min - $135
This centuries-old treatment consists of a therapeutic massage using warm poultices - heated muslin bags filled with healing, fragrant herbs and spices.

First, warm oil is drizzled over the body, then, using the poultices, your therapist massages your body in a slow, synchronized sequence, working out soreness and stiffness with the bag's warming heat.  Oriental massage techniques are used to trace the energy pathways, pressure points, and lymphatic drainage… every touch induces a new level of relaxation and healing.

The fragrant and therapeutic nature of the oils, poultices, and massage make this a heavenly, sumptuous experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and wonderfully relaxed.

Aromatherapy Massage
(can be added to any massage for $25)
Your choice of essential oils added to any massage. Choose from a blend of oils or a single essential oil.