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The Keswick Reserve


This season, the Keswick Club Spa encourages you to indulge in our newest offering, a vineyard-inspired spa treatment, Vinotherapy Regimen, and reap the benefits that the red wine grape produces.

Using elements from the grape's vine to the seed, your entire body will be infused with anti-oxidants and antiaging polyphenois which also help protect against further damage from the atmosphere's free radicals.

The Keswick Reserve service includes:

  • Red Wine Greeting
  • 60 minute Grape Seed Oil Massage
  • Shiraz Body Scrub
  • Red Wine Body Mask
  • Pinot Noir Facial with Mask
  • Shiraz Face & Body Smoother

The Keswick Club Spa – Reservations required.

3 hour treatment - $465 per person.