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Fun Facts

Scenic Views

  • The Blue Ridge Mountain range runs for approximately 577 miles and can be seen from the hotel. The top of the mountain range is a mere 20 mile drive from Charlottesville (20 minutes). The range got its name from the conifers on the mountain which ooze a resin that reacts to the sunlight when it evaporates into the air creating a blue haze over the mountains.
  • In addition to the beautiful songs of 80 different birds species and the dance of fireflies in the evening - especially brilliant during the summer months of June, July and August – guests can also regularly spot whitetail deer, fox, migrating geese, rabbits and squirrels. 
  • Wendy is a frisky and determined Border Collie who has a very important job at Keswick Hall. She is the official goose and duck re-locater. True to her inherent nature to herd, Wendy ensures her feathered friends are gently moved off the fairways and into the ponds and roughs, so that golfers have the right of way. Guests can enjoy watching Wendy hard at work from the piazza of the hotel.

Rooms with History

  • Keswick Hall features wood burning fireplaces in many of the public rooms with the largest in the Great Hall where guest reception is housed. During the cooler months, guests can enjoy s'mores by the fire.
  • Room 33, 34 and 35 are in the former attic of the original mansion, Villa Crawford. Today they feature large bathrooms and beautiful dormer windows that capture some of the best views of the sun rising over the fairways at Keswick Club golf course.
  • Room number 9 is the Louis XV inspired room, featuring the original hardwood floors that date back to 1912 and French doors that open onto a private terrace. The room offers breathtaking views of the golf course and infinity pool below. This is one of the most frequently requested guest rooms and is the original master bedroom of the Crawford family who resided at Keswick from 1912 to 1919.
  • Room number 12 and Villa Crawford were immortalized in the 1981 movie "The Four Seasons," starring Carol Burnett and Allen Alda.

Keswick Hunt Club

  • Surrounded by both formal and informal gardens, nearby neighbors include horse farms such as Belcort and Bridlespur. The Keswick Hunt Club is directly across the street from Keswick Hall and is Virginia's oldest hunt club. Founded in 1889, it annually hosts nationally attended jumping and dressage competitions.
  • Imagine an early morning stroll with a four legged friend taken to the extreme. At Keswick Hall guests can enjoy a walk with the hounds, with the hound master from the neighboring Keswick Hunt Club and enthusiastic charges. This off leash group of canines follows the hound master like an adoring fan club, but a guest need only pat one of these pups on the head to be surrounded by a posse of them who patiently await their turn.


  • Located in the fifth largest wine producing state in the U.S., Keswick Hall is a short drive to more than 25 vineyards where guests can enjoy tours and tastings. Guests dining in Fossett's can enjoy the extensive offering of both Virginia and international wines. 
  • The hotel produces its own private label wines, Edith's Chardonnay and Edith's Petit Verdot, which pay tribute to Edith Fossett, Thomas Jefferson's chief cook at Monticello – one of the most responsible positions in Jefferson's household during his retirement.


  • Keswick Hall's Virginia library is housed on the main floor of the hotel and includes a collection of over 400 books by Virginians or about Virginia that cover a wide range of topics including history, memoirs, photography, cookbooks, nature, and fiction. Included in the collection are books by John Grisham and Rita Mae Brown who live nearby. Guests are welcome to enjoy the books in the library or in the comfort of their room.


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